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    • Mobile Data Plans

    • Monthly Access Fee
    • Data
    • Data Rate

      (per MB)

    • Data Rate

      (Excess per MB)

    • Term


    • Critical Information Summary
    • Total Min Payable in First Month

      ( Inc. $20 SIM Delivery Fee)

    *When used within an Optus 4G coverage area with a 4G capable device. Outside 4G coverage areas compatible devices will switch to the Optus 3G dual band Network SIM Pack fee of $20 and first full month plan fee is payable upon application. Data is billed in increments of 1kb (1Mb = 1024kb and 1GB = 1024MB). Excess data rate is payable once you've reached 100% of your Data included in a calendar month and is charged at a rate of 2c per MB. Full Terms & Conditions are available at All Excess charges and all roaming usage will be charged on top of your monthly spend. All plans are month to month and from your date of activation to the end of the first calendar month will be billed pro-rata (also applies to your last part-month as well). Min cost is your Plan size + $20 SIM Pack.
    An example of the data you may use:

    • 1 Email - text only: 3 KB - 20 KB
    • 1 Email - with photo attachment: 350 KB
    • 1 Email - with MS Office attachment: 300 KB
    • 1 Web page: 150 KB - 1.5 MB
    • 1 minute of Streaming Music: 500 KB
    • Social media update with photo: 500 KB
    • Hi-res digital photo upload/download: 1 MB
    • 1 minute of streaming video: 2 MB - 5 MB
    • 1 app/game/song download: 3 MB - 4 MB