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Best of the Best 2014 & 2015

Vaya are 100% Australian Owned
100% Australian Owned

Vaya provide secure Sign Up
Vaya accept Visa and Mastercard


    • Power Plans V3

    • Free SIM in April
    • First Month Free in April
    • Monthly Access Fee
    • Talk
    • Unlimited Standard SMS
    • Data
    • 13, 1300
    • 1800 No charge
    • Internet Tethering*
    • Voicemail Included
    • Call Rate

      (Per 60 sec)

    • Flag Fall
    • Standard 2 Minute Call
    • SMS Rate
    • MMS Rate
    • International SMS Rate
    • International MMS Rate
    • Data Rate

      (Excess per MB)

    • International Call Rates
    • Term


    • Critical Information Summary
    • Total Min Payable in First Month

      ( Inc. $20 SIM Delivery Fee)

    • Power Plus

      Buy extra data. Just $10 per GB!

      Power Plus Bolton is available on any Power Plan.
    • Get Max Power

      Want extra data? You need Max Power.
      The $25 Max Power fee is a once off charge to unlock per KB billing, the only ongoing charge is the $10 on top of your plan for the Data Bolt-On.

      What does it mean?
      Vaya, like a lot of other mobile providers, rounds data sessions to the next Megabyte when calculating your usage. By billing per KB, you can squeeze out every last bit of your data allowance.
    + The use of non-standard tethering and data usage where a primary voice sim card has been removed from a mobile voice handset and placed into a Tablet device or Mobile Broadband Modem is not supported by Vaya and is charged as excess data usage outside of the data allowance of the voice rate plan. Vaya has data only rate plans that must be utilised when using a Tablet or Mobile Broadband Modem, contact Vaya if you require a data only rate plan.
    An example of the data you may use:

    • 1 Email - text only: 3 KB - 20 KB
    • 1 Email - with photo attachment: 350 KB
    • 1 Email - with MS Office attachment: 300 KB
    • 1 Web page: 150 KB - 1.5 MB
    • 1 minute of Streaming Music: 500 KB
    • Social media update with photo: 500 KB
    • Hi-res digital photo upload/download: 1 MB
    • 1 minute of streaming video: 2 MB - 5 MB
    • 1 app/game/song download: 3 MB - 4 MB